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Teen sleep cycles might seem to come from another world.

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Understand why teen sleep is a challenge — and what you can do to promote better teen babe frost nails. Teens are notorious for wanting to stay up late and for not wanting to get up early. If your teen is no exception, find out what's behind this behavior and how you can help teensleeping or her get better sleep — starting tonight. Everyone has teensleeping internal clock that influences body temperature, sleep cycles, appetite and hormonal changes.

Common Sleep Problems

The biological and psychological processes that follow the cycle of this hour internal clock are called circadian rhythms. Puberty changes a teen's internal clock, delaying the time he or she starts feeling sleepy and awakens.

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Most teens need about eight to 10 hours teensleeping sleep a night — and sometimes more — to maintain optimal daytime alertness. But few teens actually get that much sleep regularly, thanks to factors such as part-time jobs, early-morning classes, homework, extracurricular activities, social demands, and use of computers and other electronic gadgets. Sleep deprivation might not seem like a big deal, but it teensleeping have serious consequences.