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Strangely enough, it was more difficult erection find showers.

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But if for some reason someone sees it soft and we end up hooking up later, they usually seem disappointed. To check the veracity of this classic dichotomy, I reached out nude urologist Dr.

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Shteynshlyuger is among an elite number of fellowship-trained urologists in the United States. Mainly, I wanted to know: Was it true?

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In other words, some wighton black porn simply have more stretchable penises than others. If a shower is larger than average when soft, he likely will be when hard as well. Growers are more small, and what looks to be a less-than-average flaccid penis can grow to an above-average erect penis, Shteynshlyuger says.

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Bottom line: There are small growers and showers, average growers and showers and large growers and showers. The jury, however, is still out on the Darwinian angle. On the other hand, he argues, a grower has the best of both worlds: So which are you? Shteynshlyuger says there is a way to test.