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The Joy Of Sex: I hooted and hollered my way movies the first Magic Mike. Get down on your knees, Channing Sex, slide on over this way in those baggy sweat pants! This was back in my drinking days.

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I went with a couple of friends after many cocktails, and we were a anal cow girls xxl and a little sheepish, as if the night involved an actual trip to a strip club instead of simply a movie starring a leathery and well-lubricated Matthew McConaughey. And yet for all the giggles and the little nap breaks you could take during scenes of Tatum walking on the beach with movies other girl So, what a surprise it was to walk into an advance screening of Magic Mike XXL with a dozen of my most xxl bozo friends, and find ourselves treated like queens.

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The sequel rightly does away with any sense sex menace. There are no villains, and no seedy underbelly from which to escape. Just how low are the stakes, exactly?


The guys want to put on one last show at a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach.