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‘Sex': The Best Eighties Comics Currently Being Published

Remember sex feeling you got when you first read the great comics of the Eighties? When fantastic deconstructions of superhero characters and genre fiction idioms introduced you to a new level of sophistication?

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When onlyteenanalporn pics of mainstream books books possessed of a style and edge that scaled up your spine and sent electricity licking through your neck? When sex and violence were done right? Do ya miss it?

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Joe Casey and Piotr Comics might just have your fix: Not the actual character, of course. Another version of Batman, far removed from the continuity and publishing standards of DC and just beyond the reach of the Warner Bros.

Repurposed; broken down into his base elements and reformed as something new and different.

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But Batman and Spider-Man are very different characters, and even though Sex and The Bounce both disassemble and rebuild archetypes to re-examine them and sound like godawful Miami Beach nightclubsthey do so in very different ways.