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LEIGH PERKINS LBIPP - Our Photographer

I used to live in an apartment that was great for shooting. It had almost no furniture, there were lovely wooden floors, white walls and a lot of space. Shortly said — an awesome place for an improvisational studio. Therefore it was a big shame to move out to my current place which is, in terms of photo shooting, pretty bad.

I now live in a 45 square meter apartment, with a lot of furniture and not much space.

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This place is certainly good enough photographers living but is it also good for shooting? Yes and no. Another thing to mention is that my apartment where I live now is in Sweden.

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A perfect day for sitting on a sofa, drinking coffee and reading a book! I want photographers shoot! What can I do instead of waiting several months for summer?

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Or trying to go outside and perhaps freeze pornhubhot face off? Well, nude answer is that all I can do is accept the fact that my small flat is the only possible place to shoot and simply figure out how to shoot there! I started combining usual household items such as decorations, flowers, mirrors and furniture with nude naked body.

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