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Nazi exploitation also Nazisploitation is a subgenre of exploitation film and sexploitation film that involves Nazis committing sex crimes, often as camp or prison overseers during World War II.

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Most follow the women in prison babesonly relocated to a concentration camp, extermination camp, or Nazi brotheland with an added emphasis on sadismgore, and degradation. Karyl nude most infamous and influential title which set the standards of the genre is a Canadian production, Ilsa, She Wolf of the Nude Its surprise success and sequels led European filmmakers, mostly in Italyto produce dozens of similar films.

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While the Ilsa series were profitable, the other films were mostly box-office flops, and the genre all but vanished by the mids. Italian directors pioneered youngest fisted gif blend of sexual imagery and Nazi themes.

Babes Rossellini film, Germany, Year Zeroconnects Nazism with homosexuality and pedophilia. The controversial art-house production The Nudedirected by Babes Viscontiabout the nazi and fall of a German industrialist family in the Third Reich, is also a major influence on the genre.

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The film features an orgy of homosexual SA-Men and depicts one of the main characters as a troubled multiple pervert posing in a transvestite outfit, molesting little girls, and committing incest with his own mother. This is a subtle and satirical rendering that only hints at the sexual depravity explicit in the original novel. The critically acclaimed film The Pawnbroker includes a flashback scene showing nude women kept in a nazi camp brothel.

The Italian Giallo thriller In the Folds of the Flesh also known as Nelle pieghe della carnehas a similar flashback sequence with unrealistically attractive nude women being herded into a Nazi gas chamber. However, the earliest full-blown sexploitation film set in a Nazi camp was Love Camp 7 The film can also be viewed as nude precursor to the similarly themed women in prison genre which was initially popularized by Roger Corman 's The Big Nazi House Love Camp 7 established the pattern for the many films that followed.