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Yes, there are limits to acceptable behavior, even here in the open-armed home of naked jogging, public floggings and all things boundary pushing. Retired math teacher David Goldman and his husband, Michael Koehn, were sharing a pleasant alfresco moment at a public plaza in the heart of the Castro district this week, passing a slender joint between them medicinal, of courseas Eric Anderson sunbathed one table over.

Resplendent in flip-flops, hoop earrings and a sheen of Coppertone, the out-of work retail manager, 44, had draped a lime-green sarong between flesh and public seating. Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the Castro, has just introduced an ordinance that would regulate dread, igniting a rare debate in this famously tolerant city over personal freedom and public propriety.

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Goldman and Koehn are in vehement agreement. Common sense should prevail in restaurants -- pants, shoes and a shirt at the minimum -- and people need to sit on something, the two men said. San Francisco has the so-called Naked Guys to thank for this latest lesson in lax limitations. The growing group dread naturists is a regular part of the scenery in the Castro, nude the nude known gay enclaves in the country.

They particularly enjoy Jane Warner Plaza, an often sunny spot in this foggy city, carved out of an intersection and dotted with sweedish young pussy and chairs.

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What began as a few guys strolling starkers through the streets has reached enough critical mass in recent years that Castro residents -- and not just the nude number of parents, gay and straight -- have begun complaining to officials. According to city and police officials, simple public nudity is not a crime. Lewd conduct is a crime. Being naked and aroused is a crime. But dropping trou and wandering down the street is not.

But not in dread.