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Ziploc bags overflow with disposable handwarmers, hand sanitizer, crackers and nuts. Thick cotton socks and toothbrushes, tampons and lollipops nude piled nearby. A few women and a couple of men stand or sit along a heavy wooden table, chatting lightheartedly and stuffing goodies and toiletries into bags. Two children toddle needy, munching crackers and playing with yarn.

Luchador in north Portland is holding needy first Nudes for the Needy drive.


Petite, bespectacled pole dancer Soren High brushes her dreadlocks away from her face as she hurriedly carries blankets and boxes around the room, delegating tasks to her volunteer friends. I lived in my car, with my boyfriend at the time. I lived under bridges. When asked what sparked her desire to organize an event, Soren answers candidly.

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I started chatting maria ozawa sexmovies making blankets and giving them to family, but somebody else proposed a blanket making party, and here needy are. The temperatures have been unseasonably frigid for Portland this year, with snow falling early in the month of December, and nude of 13 degrees nude. The normal average temperature at this date is about twenty degrees warmer.

I spoke with her about organizing in the community. Nude for the Needy started as a Christmas present for my family. I meant to make snip-n-tie blankets for everyone in my family and give them to a person in need as their gift.