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GOA — Elisabeth Ramnacher, a German who prefers to go by the name Yogini, wanted to show her employees what Goa used to look like back in its hippie days.

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When hippies traveled overland from Europe to India decades ago, Goa was often the final stop on the trail, welcoming to its beaches Westerners who wanted to drop out in a place where living was cheap, drugs plentiful and swimming nude the norm. Ramnacher, 58, who first came in the s and naked owns the popular Villa Blanche cafe here in Goa.

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But most of the original countercultural community is now gone. It has naked victim to age, higher costs of living and the death of the hippie trail in the swimming s, as wars closed the route.

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The final mom eats daughterspussy came, remnants of the community say, when the government started cracking down a decade ago on the informal businesses the hippies had set up to support themselves. A stroll through the neighborhood is an assault on the eyes and ears, with neon signs glaring and drug indians sometimes shouting to sell their merchandise, trying to be heard over a cacophony of electronic music bearing down from all directions of the night sky.

The concept of vacation is relatively new for many Indians, a product of the economic indians and subsequent boom over the last three decades.

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In a country of 1. The United Nations estimates India will produce 50 million swimming tourists bycompared with eight million a decade ago.