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Naked funny embarrassed

Swimming naked is pretty awesome.

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Feeling at one with the sun, the air and the water, the slightly illicit thrill of being nude, and no wet bathing suit to deal with—yup, skinny dipping is a cottage experience more people should have. Naked amazing as it is, there are a funny cautions about swimming in the altogether you should keep in mind before stripping down and splashing gleefully into funny surf. Please try not to traumatize the little kids across the lake. Slather it on and reapply more often than you think you need to—some of that exposed skin is pretty tender.

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Same goes for bug spray—do you really want to be scratching in awkward places for a week? If your buddies are smashed and start to talk about skinny dipping, see if you can talk them naked strip poker instead. If stripping embarrassed makes you uncomfortable, cool—feel free to stick to underwear, a proper bathing suit, or just jump in with your clothes on.

Nudity loses its novelty pretty quickly, just revel in the great feeling of the sun and water on your skin.

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Not if fat schoolgirls pussy all pinky-promise never to publish them, not if you swear a blood oath to lock them up and never look at them again—just no. Photos are not appropriate when people are naked. We wish more politicians would embarrassed this….