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Melina perez bodypaint

WWE Womens Champion Melina in Gold Bodypaint with Title Belt

Without the gimmicks and wild characters of wrestling, it would bodypaint a sport reserved for the serious and boring. Instead, we turn to wrestling for a story; for good versus evil on hyper drive. For decades the oddballs, bad guys, supernatural, melina sexy erin mcnish ass seared into our minds some of the greatest characters ever to be created for television. Some will fail and some will succeed.

Although we had trouble pulling off most of the looks, the act of putting on the paint had the catharsis of suiting up for battle. The All Red Everything Diva took a break from her regular tanned and glammed gettup and went all white everything for this photo shoot, which aired on Total Divas perez August 4, Apart from undergoing a rigorous training routine coached by former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick, Eva posed for bodypaint hauntingly beautiful photo shoot in which a pale Flame-Haired Femme Fatal rocks devilish red eyes and what looks like fake blood tears running down her face.

I mean, she can even make white-pale skin and bleeding eyes look sexy. Somewhere deep down we wish Mark Perez would make her adopt this otherworldly painted persona.

Melina’s Amazing Body Covered In Body Paint (2008 Christmas Pics)

It might give her more cred that a semi-okay wrestler whose trademark move is blowing kisses in the ring. Gold glitter flames cover her boobs and hoohaa.


One of the many problems of the look is that the gold paint comes across as a bile yellow, while the wig she opted for resembles a George Washington weave. The intent behind the photo is clear: Melina wanted to melina the world that the former and failed beauty pageant girl had finally gotten to the top. And she had.