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By saoirseMarch boone, in The Blacklist.

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I'm looking forward to this, because Tom has become one of the show's most interesting characters. Hopefully this doesn't mean he's not long for this show.

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Megan every episode title panties to be the name of a Blacklister? If so, maybe Red should have led with this one Panties latter he could amusingly eat for breakfast but megan and the former always look like a pair of cobras circling each other in the rink.

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I wonder how finding Tom can "exonerate" Lizzie. He is going to confess that she didn't kill the harbormaster, she just stood and watched idly as he killed him? And then lied about it to the nice judge, as well as giving false testimony to the FBI.

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So, at the very least accessory after the fact, although considering that she was holding Boone hostage, also kidnapper. Whatever Seductive chick nude drug-addled thinking is, if it weren't for Lizzie that man would be alive and with his family.