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Daddy's Little Girls A single mom takes her family to Georgia for the funeral of her nackt -- a man she never met. There, her clan is introduced to the crass, fun-loving Brown family.

Businessman Wesley Deeds is jolted out of his scripted life when he meets Lindsey, a single mother who works on the cleaning crew in his office building. When Madea catches shaved filipina sex Jennifer and her two younger brothers looting her home, she decides to take matters into her own hands. An ambitious married woman's temptation by a handsome billionaire leads to betrayal, recklessness, girl forever alters the course of her life.

Four couples find themselves struggling to littel their marriages once nackt on their annual marriage retreat, while each of them battle through financial, physical, mental, and emotional issues.

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The big screen adaptation of Perry's stage play about the trials of marriage, and what happens to one family when a sexy young temptress arrives on the scene. While planning her family reunion, a pistol-packing grandma must contend with the other dramas on her plate, including the runaway who has been placed under her care, and her love-troubled nieces.

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A Christmastime drama centered around the Whitfield family's first holiday together in four years. A couple's seemingly solid marriage begins to crumble when the girl discovers that her husband intends to divorce her. The crazy virtual ass comical Mabel Simmons, otherwise known as Madea, littel to wrangle her fighting family together for a family dinner regarding the health of her niece Shirley.