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Hillary clintin naked

You can watch the entire video of Stephen Colbert handing the envelope of unused Hillary Clinton jokes to the woman herself as a gift below. Stephen hands HillaryClinton a dossier of unused 'Clinton victory' jokes from Election Clintin, with one very cheeky photo inside.

The Bill Clinton Portrait Is Not Even the Most Sinister Decor Found in Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion

Unfortunately for Colbert, Donald Trump ended up winning the election. It was an impossible night for comedy for the talk show host and his crowd. In amidst the despair on his election night special, Colbert unloaded an off the cuff speech that was honest, funny, and somehow naked offered up a little bit of hope. Catch up by watching it below:. By Gregory Wakeman Naked schoolgirls clits September 20, Recommended Slideshows 21 Pictures.

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