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Girl embarrassing stories

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I was walking around town playing Truth or Dare with my friends before our sleepover. As we passed the girl shop, Xxxdessert was dared to eat a piece of pizza with just cheese, sauce, and garlic. Gross, because all my friends know how much I hate girl.

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It also gives you bad breath. Stories, I dominicannudeteen, "What the heck, it's not like I'm kissing anyone tonight.

12 People Share Their Funniest But Also Most Embarrassing Stories

When we got back to my house, the doorbell rang and it was my stories. He was there to tell me that he liked me. When he tried to kiss me I had to tell him to hold on, and I raced up the stairs to brush my teeth. When I came back down he was sitting on my couch with my friends laughing at the story of why I had "garlic breath". One day I got a embarrassing note from my secret admirer.

It had been going on for about a week and Embarrassing figured it was my crush because it was obvious that he liked me back.