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American apparel


Founded inthe American brand apparel known for its sturdy apparel timeless basics. After some scandals and american troubles, the brand was sold to Canadian activewear manufacturer Gildan in early and closed its stores.

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It reopened that same year as an online-only retailer. How ethical is American Apparel? The Ethical Fashion Report looks at criteria including payment of a living wage, transparency, and worker empowerment. American Apparel received the top score for its Supplier Code of Conduct included in its supplier contracts.

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The brand traces almost all of its supply afrecangirlsex including final stage, inputs, and american materials.

Elizabeth ann nude publicly lists a portion of its suppliers along with their addresses, and it ensures that no subcontracting occurs american that all subcontracted production adheres to code standards. American Apparel audits all or most of its traced facilities over a two-year period across its entire supply chain, but it has minimal worker empowerment initiatives and has made little to no progress towards paying a living wage. There are still some improvements to pussy mix girl made, and something as basic and necessary as paying workers a living wage should be a top priority!

American Apparel

American Apparel uses wool and leather without stating apparel, which means there is no guarantee that they are ethically sourced.

Although American Apparel is off to a good start by using GOTS cotton and making some headway in labour conditions, it still needs to improve on some key points. See the rating.

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