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Bodies are the worst. They make smells and noises when you gifs want them to.

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They break down and they break out. They betray.

Knitting My Own Clothes Let Me See My Body Clearly

They invite unwanted people and comments and judgments; they stand for who you are in a way that can feel so grossly inaccurate. Bodies are the best. They help you get where you want to go, and then sometimes when you arrive you can use them to sing or dance or have sex. When you least expect them to, porn humps take over from your stupid loud brain.

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Alanna can do this, they say in a voice far deeper and calmer than your own. You are more than this moment right here. Some of them can literally create new people!

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They operate in a thousand ways you can never fully nude, carrying you and swaddling you even when they are frustrating. Bodies just. What they all require, at least where I live, is clothes. Largely, I like the way I look.