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Hard drives can either be traditional or SSD based on what you want. Since this company has had an average response time on tickets of less than 60 minutes.

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This is pretty good overall. They have worked overtickets during this time and from what I can tell based on user reviews, they are quick to solve issues and help their customers. The pricing with this company is not the cheapest you will find.

They do offer good quality for the price in most cases though. Nobody should consider this option since for the same price you can move up to the entry level VPS. The custom servers can go basically as high as you would like.


The hosting with this company is very good. If you live in New Zealand or any nearby countries it has a lot to offer. You do have to be careful to make sure you select the right package or you might end up paying more than you need to. Наши отзывы являются честными, беспристрастными и равными для всех участников.

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Digiweb New Zealand is a hosting company that has been in business since They are based in New Zealand and began working out of a single data center located in the city of Christchurch. They have been around a very long time and are focused on providing high quality services to their customers.

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Today they have several datacenters throughout the region. They primarily serve individuals and businesses located in New Zealand, Australia and Asia. They offer shared hosting, database hosting, SSL certificates, dedicated servers, VPS solutions, backup services, colocation services, domain name registration, email hosting and more.

With lots of nice options and a good reputation, this is a great option for anyone located in the region they serve. С более подробной информацией об используемых cookie-файлах и о том, как можно отозвать свое согласие, можно ознакомиться. Согласен Закрыть. Регистрация доменов Новые домены Общие домены Европейские доменны Азиатские доменны Американские доменны Австралийские доменны Африканские доменны. Цена домена 1 year domain registration price Требования для домена Registration fee: For domain transfer terms and conditions apply.

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Новая Зеландия интернет-пользователи ожидают увидеть адреса веб-сайтов с доменами. Если вы являетесь местным малым бизнесом в Новая Зеландия или крупной компанией, Новая Зеландия доменное расширение. Благодаря домену.