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Together with the toolsettest implementations are the meat of this project. For in-depth analysis, we encourage you to examine the source code and run the tests on your own hardware. Expected questions We expect that you might have a bunch of questions. We are using the word "framework" loosely to refer to anything found on the spectrum ranging from full-stack frameworks, micro-frameworks, to platforms. That said, we understand that comparing a full-stack framework versus platforms or vice-versa is unusual.

You can use the filters in the results viewer to adjust the rows you see in the charts. Please let us know how we can fix it, or submit a GitHub pull request, so we can get it right. You can consider it a stand-in for any relatively lightweight minimal-locking Java framework.

Even better, craft the test implementation yourself and submit a GitHub pull request so we can get it in there faster! For the EC2 tests, for example, such frameworks are configured to utilize the two virtual cores provided on an c3. With so many frameworks we have a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

Many readers desire the ability to compare these and other permutations. If you prefer to view an unpolluted subset, you may use the filters available at the top of the results page. We believe that comparing frameworks with plausible and diverse technology stacks, despite the number of variables, is precisely the value of this project. With sufficient time and effort, we hope to continuously broaden the test permutations. But we recommend against ignoring the data on the basis of concerns about multi-variable comparisons.

Although this is not consistent with production deployments, we avoid a few complications related to logging, most notably disk capacity and consistent granularity of logging across all test implementations. In spot tests, we have not observed significant performance impact from logging when enabled. If there is strong community consensus that logging is necessary, we will reconsider this.

In fact, nearly the entirety of the Windows configuration has been contributed by subject-matter experts from the community. As with all aspects of this project, we welcome continued input and tuning by other experts. If you have advice on better tuning the Windows tests, please submit GitHub issues or pull requests. Cache tests are planned for later rounds.

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However, curiously, in spot tests, some frameworks paired with Memcached were conspicuously slower than other frameworks directly querying the authoritative MySQL database recognizing, of course, that MySQL had its entire data-set in its own memory cache. For simple "get row ID n" and "get all rows" style fetches, a fast framework paired with MySQL may be faster and easier to work with versus a slow framework paired with Memcached.

We hope to in the future! There are other benchmark projects that evaluate the performance of reverse proxy software. This project measures the performance of web applications in any scenario where requests reach the application server.

Given that objective, allowing the web application to avoid doing the work thanks to a reverse proxy would invalidate the results. Restart the database servers. Start the platform and framework using their start-up mechanisms. Run a 5-second primer at 8 client-concurrency to verify that the server is in fact running.

These results are not captured. Run a second warmup at client-concurrency to allow lazy-initialization to execute and just-in-time compilation to run. Run a second captured test for each of the concurrency levels or iteration counts exercised by the test type. Concurrency-variable test types are tested at 16, 32, 64, and client-side concurrency.

The high-concurrency plaintext test type is tested at1, 4, and 16, client-side concurrency. Stop the platform and framework. But in examining the data, we have seen no evidence that the results have changed by reducing the individual test durations from 60 seconds to 15 seconds. The duration reduction was made necessary by the growing number of test permutations and a target that the full suite complete in less than one day. With additional effort, we aim to build a continuously-running test environment that will pull the latest source and begin a new run as soon as a previous run completes.

When we have such an environment ready, we will be comfortable with multi-day execution times, so we plan to extend the duration of each test when that happens.

In fact, for frameworks based on JIT platforms such as the Java Virtual Machine JVMspot tests show that the JIT has even completed its work already after just the primer and before the warmup starts—the warmup concurrency and real concurrency tests yield results that are separated only by test noise. However, as with test durations, we intend to increase the duration of the warmup when we have a continuously-running test environment. Environment "What is Wrk?

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ApacheBench remains a single-threaded tool, meaning that for higher-performance test scenarios, ApacheBench itself is a limiting factor.

Wrk is a multithreaded tool that provides a similar function, allowing tests to run for a prescribed amount of time rather than limited to a number of requests and providing us result data including total requests completed and latency information. Selecting EC2 as a platform also allows the tests to be readily verified by anyone interested in doing so. Doing so confirmed our suspicion that the ranked order and relative performance across frameworks is mostly consistent between EC2 and physical hardware.

That is, while the EC2 instances were slower than the physical hardware, they were slower by roughly the same proportion across the spectrum of frameworks. These use Intel iK processors, making them a little antiquated, to be honest.

These are connected via an unmanaged low-cost gigabit Ethernet switch.

Бенчмарк HTTP-серверов (С/C++) в FreeBSD / Хабр

In previous rounds, we used a two-machine configuration where the load-generation and database role coexisted. Although these two roles were not crowding one another out neither role was starved for CPU timeas of Round 7, we are using a three-machine configuration for the physical hardware tests.

The machine roles are: Application server, which hosts the application code and web server, where applicable. Database server, which hosts the common databases. The GPL version that we used for our tests is a relatively lightweight Servlet container.

We tested on Tomcat as well but ultimately dropped Tomcat from our tests because Resin was slightly faster across all Servlet-based frameworks. See "how is each test run" above. Every test is preceded by a warmup and brief several seconds cooldown prior to gathering test data. Results "I am about to start a new web application project; how should I interpret these results?

High-performance web applications reduce hosting costs and improve user experience. Additionally, recognize that while we have aimed to select test types that represent workloads that are common for web applications, nothing beats conducting performance tests yourself for the specific workload of your application.

TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks

Combined with an examination of the source codethe results seen here should help you identify a platform and framework that is high-performance while still meeting your other requirements. Assuming proper response headers are provided, at approximatelynon-pipelined andpipelined responses per second and above, the network is saturated. The test tool changed at Round 2 and some framework IDs were changed at Round 3.

As a result, the results. You can still see those rounds at our blog: Round 1Round 2.

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An implementation that does not return the correct results, bypasses some of the requirements, or even formats the results in a manner inconsistent with the requirements will be marked as "Did not complete. If you are a project participant and your contribution is marked as "Did not complete," please help us resolve this by contacting us at the GitHub repository.

A Stripped test implementation is one that is specially crafted to excel at our benchmark. By comparison, a "Realistic" test implementation should be demonstrative of the general-purpose, best-practices compliant, and production-class approach for the given framework.

We have decided to hide Stripped tests by default because we feel that while their results have some value, that value is exceedingly low for the vast majority of consumers of the data. You may still view the results for Stripped tests by enabling the Stripped Implementation Approach in the filters control panel. By comparison, a Realistic implementation will use a production-grade configuration of a general-purpose web application framework that meets our requirements.

When we first introduced the notion of Stripped, it referred to configurations of otherwise normal software that had been stripped of some normal behaviors. For example, removing some middleware from Rails or Django. Be aware that you need to specify the per-test duration setting in seconds and that only known frameworks will be rendered. Contributions "Do you accept contributions? In fact, the majority of the test implementations are community-contributed.

Do you accept early builds of frameworks or toy projects?

Rust extended - модификация серверов игры rust вконтакте.

However, in many cases, such implementations will be marked as "Stripped," meaning they are not recommended for use in real-world production projects. They will still be measured and can be made visible by enabling Stripped in the filters control panel.

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