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This very disturbing. I tried searching for my domain name at GoDaddy and of course it appears to be in auction. My price is nowhere to be seen. I politely declined the offer for my 14 year old.

Domain Auctions: Here’s Everything You Need To Find The Best Deal Now

What are you looking for? Buyers then get the real price and they feel cheated and angry. Dear Sir or Madame, I noticed you have for sale the domain name: Thank you. I also get questions from blog readers that ask why does my domain shows as auction at GoDaddy.

I am not getting any sales tat Go Daddy and potential buyers are confused by the whole process. Tags Afternic GoDaddy Sedo. Well said. As I stated at http: No-one has the right to peddle your assets on every bazaar and every street.

Very well said. This is really frustrating and after reading your article I am planning to remove all my domains from Sedo.

Right, nice article and very well said. I kinda had a weird feeling about my registrars actions. Now i need a new plan of attack! I have set the minimum amount on all my domains at Sedo but the listings still appear as auctions at Go Daddy. They just have a higher minimum bid and an 80 day auction in progress…. Maybe ask Sedo again, they did remove my domains from their system each time I asked them. Contact security sedo. Remove all your domains from Sedo!!!!!!! Do not delay again!!!

Put them for lease!!!!!!!! Same happened to me with applicious. What person in their right mind would accept such nonsense. But I have had interested parties contact me asking if I can sell them the domain without waiting for the auction to end.

Then… who would need Sedo? Housing is a completely different commodity with a completely different market and you know it is. I cann understand the business ideal of making a bucks but I know domains have been on sale for years with no website and no buyers. Domain names are a commodity too. Domains are not a want and they are not finite! You can have any number of domain names you want.

But of course you want the domains that people bought before you did. Let me think… I want a couple of blocks in Manhattan. But then you will not be able to rent them or lease them or sell them. What are you going to do then? You are back at the beginning. You are just taking advantage of a system that was created decades ago and never updated. I doubt anyone 20 years ago would think that one person buy 6, domain names to have no site.

Too bad that when it comes to technology law markers are too slow to act. No offense, Mike, but value is all in between the ears. Also, everybody is free to contact a domain owner directly to negotiate. People negotiate and win or loose. On plenty markets, where fish is presented on ice, some sellers price their fish higher in the morning because their products loose in quality in the hope they will sell before the competition that stays on the market when they have left.

In the end, like it or not, the truth is that most things in Life are on a First-Come basis, including nicely priced homes, cars, holidays, women, etc. So, unless one gets into a better position towards competition, clever negotiation could be the better option.

I totally agree. On the other hand i was just scammed by godaddy when I looked at registering a domain name under. I immediately went on to make the purchase of which I have screen shots of and when i hit accept I went to my account which had just been created with the purchase. So I am sick and tired of this scam as its either a marketing promo to get you to divulge all your info and open an account hoping you come back or they actually screen your purchases and instead of holding it in a QUE or CUE they spot a great name that lapsed and SCOOP it up for themselves and then auction it off or give it to an investor that they have.

Either way its a disgusting business practice and I would like to know what someone can do to file a complaint. If they told me it was just an error I could understand but they actually blame me for: Then those things would be irrelevant right? You mean the registrar price right? I believe the owners have the right to set a price they want. Its up to the buyers t decide. Buying domain names from people who lost their domains because some professional screwed them and forgot to renew their domain name is lame.

Selling domain names that were registered for the first time is ok by me. The vast majority of expiring domain names are simply abandoned because they are no longer needed. That could be post-auction ie at the moment they drop and are deleted and become available for registration again. When the previous holders realize their mistake they are not going to buy them back either. That seldom happens. The ultimate value of the domain is not related to the previous ownership, unless we are talking about a domain that used to be developed and was bought because it has residual traffic.

Zournas, and you know it. You neither built the technology nor develop the infrastructure of the world wide web. You are merely taking advantage of a loophole in the system. Imagine if birth names are traded similar to domains.

Imagine if squatters buy these names by the thousands and sit on them, simply to sell them at a later date and earn an undeserved profit. Imagine parents being forced to pay exorbitant sums for the names of their children. This is exactly what is happening in the domain industry. Deserving people and companies are forced to pay squatters for the right to use domains that are just sitting gathering cobwebs. Domainers are nothing more than speculators taking advantage of the unsuspecting public and a barely regulated domaining industry.

Some of the most successful domaineers in the world were early squatters. There is hardly any skill or talent required to be a successful domaineer. I look forward to the day when more extensions are released to the public. Perhaps then we will see the end of the reign of the parasitic domain squatters. Before you lash out and respond in anger, consider this: So before you wail at a similar injustice in future, remember, the public will never sympathize with you squatters.

Of course domainers are speculators, just like stock traders or even real estate firms. At least the domainers are not going to sink the economy like the banks did. But I bet you hold them in higher esteem no matter how many people are evicted from their homes.

Everything you post reveals your ignorance. Suffice it to say, there are very few successful domainers, the vast majority are losing money.

It does take skill and talent to be successful. BTW domains can be resold even in. The TLD is less restricted than it used to be. I love the AUD domain system, no squatters, no buying a domain space just to take advantage of the fact you happen to find it before someone who could make good use of it did, and best of all you need to be a registered business in Australia.

What upsets you is that domain naming like housing is a free market. That is simply not true.

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Any name that has value has been thought of by thousands of people. Demand vs supply creates pricing. May I ask all you knowledgeable people who are reading this thread, which is the best way to go? Just register with Afternic and no-one else, then get them to remove GoDaddy listings? I also have these which I could throw in with the relevant. Sadly, your domains have no popular keywords, and little to no value. Domain forums can give you more answers. You Scott have too many bikes for sale scottsbikes.

If you are not using then then these should be taken away from you. I would like one. Send it over when you have the time. Yes it is. People like to think that their things are more valuable or just different. And you have to pay renewal fees every year. I have paid a lot of money for all my domains. You still have to find a warehouse to keep the bikes. Holding thousands of bikes is clearly more expensive than holding thousands of domain names. Following your thoughts then you do nothing also and make nothing.

Bike companies make the bikes. You just resell them. You are pretty annoying too because I could have bought the bikes for almost half the price.

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Best of luck with your business. I pay thousands of dollars every year in renewals and purchases. I will not lose money just because you want me to! That is how society works. I know. You have things mixed up a bit…. Its just a name bud just a name.

Every application for a domain needs to be correctly categorised. There are 11 main categories which your application can be classified as. Each category requires different supporting information to be supplied in order to verify your application for a domain. If the supporting information you provide is not correct you will be asked to submit appropriate documents which can delay the application process.

Connection with Ireland: If you are not based within 32 counties of Ireland you must show that you have a connection to Ireland in order to register a. A connection with Ireland can be confirmed as any of the following points: Being an Irish resident or citizen.

Providing evidence to show that they will be relocating to Ireland in the near future. Once a connection has been proven any applicant will not need to prove it again for any future domains they wish to register. First Come First Served: Domain registrations are subject to a first come first served policy.

Once an application has been submitted it will remain on our system for 30 days pending the completed application and the submission of correct supporting information. During this period nobody else can apply for the same domain name and providing the applicant can show a claim to the domain name within the 30 day period the domain will be registered. As part of the ongoing efforts to prevent cybersquatting on the. In addition if it is evident that a domain name has been sold that has not been proven to be in connection with the sale of a businessthe domain name can be deleted with five working days notice.

The rules above should be applied to every domain in my view, everybody is welcome to their own. You can believe whatever you want but you still have to play by the rules. You stick with. Of course some countries like Ireland restrict their TLD heavily. But it is a fallacy to assume that the restrictions automatically result in increased supply of good keywords.

First of all, the really good domains were registered long ago. In spite of the restrictions. Then, you have to justify the need for a domain. And if the domain you want is already taken, the case could be made that you are not allowed to buy it from the current holder since domain sales are prohibited? You see, things are not that simple. In similar countries eg. If the restrictions work so well, feel free to share your outstanding portfolio of for-business-only. I just think that if someone creates a REAL business puts time and sweat into it that they should have the right to that name LIKE THEY DO HERE and no jumped up ticket scalper is gonna tell me different, they brought out rules for that to ya know, so people couldnt go an buy 50 concert ticketS then stick them up on the internet for what ever price they like.

They are.

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Concert tickets have nothing to do with domains. I am using all my domains no matter what you may think. I attend to them 1 by 1 multiple times every year. So you are from Ireland but never registered a. It speaks volume about how attractive. Instead of bitching about. Or are you preaching water while drinking wine? Also I have never charged more than the domain cost me I do charge for the hosting though.

To Konstantino fair enough if your using the domains you have, thats a good way to make them valuable, I wish you the best with them, and your business. As with the UDRP, the legislation outlines indicators of bad faith and legitimate use defenses. The following factors will be considered in determining whether a domain name has been registered in bad faith. The first four would count against a determination of bad faith while the remainder would weigh in favor of a bad faith determination.

If this is the legal or nickname of the registrant. According to the legislative history the defendant will have the burden of introducing evidence of lawful use. Note that while the UDRP provides a defense if the domain name registrant has made demonstrable preparations to use the domain name in a bona fide offering of goods or services, the legislation only provides a defense if there is prior use — not simply preparation to use. Lawful noncommercial or fair use of the mark in a web site under the domain name.

According to the legislative history fair use includes comparative advertising, comment, criticism, or parody — even where done for profit. However, simply establishing a web site with a fair use, if the actual intent is to sell, will not allow a cybersquatter to avoid a bad faith determination. Offer to sell the domain name without having used, or having an intent to use, it in the bona fide offering of goods or services, or a prior pattern of such conduct.

Language in the legislative history specifically indicates that this section is not supposed to apply to a party who registers a name with the bona fide intent to launch a new product or company but then abandons that plan and sells the name to a trademark holder.

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