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English 20 Русский Sort Reviews by. Reliability Helpful 0 Share. Лучший хостинг с DDoS защитой Service used: Dedicated Server. После того, как на мой ресурс недоброжелатели начали проводить DDoS-атаки, выбрал одну компанию, которая занималась защитой.

От ДДоСа это не спасло.

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Тогда сменил защиту на StormWall. Отличная техподдержка и качественная защита мне Read More так понравились, что в итоге ресурс переехал на их выделенный сервер. Translate to English. Reply to this review Published on Nov. Protection with hosting Service used: As a result, I chose Stormwall because of the opportunity to purchase protection with hosting. The service is worth th Read More e money: Reply to this review Published on Dec.

Excellent service, especially operators Service used: I would like to say thanks to Stormworll for the excellent service, especially for your operators, who are very professional in helping and answering all questions. When I called to consult, the site was no longer working and ther Read More e was a redemption offer.

They quickly explained everything and connected! A good service for reasonable money! Reliability 2.

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Bad attitude, no explanation Service used: I tried to buy from them a dedicated server and a DDoS protection for it. When i asked them on support chat regarding the gameserver i want to open on their server they told me that they do not allow hosting that kind of gameserve Read More rs Lineage2, which server files are legal and open source. They told me this is a management decision and no further explanation. I see 2 possible reasons: I am sorry but with this attitude i can not give them any good review.

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Reply to this review Change review Published on Oct. Helpful 0. Dear Andrei! Myxtro Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения.

What are your experiences with different server hosts? Or do you recommend another host? Ok, so no nitrado and survivalservers. Are HostHavoc and GameServers any good?

Как начать хостинг-сервер игрового сервера

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Как начать хостинг-сервер игрового сервера

Hosting on your own rigs with good net is the best. Save some money: But good performance and configurable menu by themself. ServerBlend [serverblend. I never had lag or any problems and the support is amazingly incredible. I used https: Nutcutt3r Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения. Currently https: Boomer Voncannon Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения. As someone who runs a 4 server cluster since last year and had to switch hosting companies 2 months ago due to problems with our service, I would strongly suggest you avoid making price your only factor when evaluating hosting options.

This is one of those things where most of the time you get what you pay for and low cost usually means substandard when it comes to things you will likely wind up caring about more than the few extra dollars a better hosting provider would cost you. Just my 2cents. Vesuvius Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения. Показывать на странице: