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I see no evidence that GoDaddy is sharing that data with other buyers. Nor would GoDaddy be buying the domains themselves in closeout. They are not acting independently as it were. The data process is being shared by the data controller, imo.

Or else buying the domain out from underneath your nose. That would be a HUGE scandal. I add it to the checkout from closeout. It will be gone for a few minutes and then re-appear if you removed it from your cart. Good domains will get scooped up my someone else pretty quick.

Hi Alan — In your situation, my guess is that GoDaddy designed the system to be the lesser of two evils. Or, as checkout can take seconds to minutes depending on the person… let everyone who was refreshing their browser over and over until the domain showed up add it to their cart, but only allow the first person who places the order to be the one who gets it.

In both situations the customer is let down, but the further along a customer gets in the checkout process for a closeout domain that they fail to get, the more irate they become and the more calls GoDaddy gets, imo.

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Therefore GoDaddy chose the first option. They have been doing it this way for quite a few years years and their mo is to make the domain unavailable for xx number of minutes after someone successfully places it in their cart.

If that person fails to follow through with the purchase it shows back up on the board several minutes later. Or is that mistaken and no longer the case? Or was that never the case despite seeing that mentioned somewhere?

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GoDaddy Expired Domain Names Auctions, The Ultimate Guide

AG NET. AU NET. BR NET. BZ NET. CN NET. If you fail to make the payment, GoDaddy will begin the process of reclaiming the domain.

GoDaddy Expired Domains

GoDaddy's full domain recovery procedure has several steps and takes over a month. By default, a GoDaddy domain is set to automatically renew before it expires. If your credit card information isn't up-to-date or you've opted out of automatic billing, you'll receive an email from GoDaddy indicating that it's time to renew your service. GoDaddy makes three attempts to renew the domain: Once the domain is beyond its fifth day, it enters what GoDaddy refers to as a parked state.

Tap on the domain name you want to bid on. In the Your Bid field, either accept the minimum bid that is already filled in or enter a proxy bid. Your proxy bid amount must be more than the the minimum bid amount. Help GoDaddy Auctions. From the Popular Searches menu, select Expiring.

Locate the domain name you want to bid on.

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Click Place Bid.